Inertial/combined navigation algorithm engineer


1. Master's degree or above in mathematics, physics, electronic communication, computer, surveying, navigation and guidance.
2, with a solid algorithm, skilled in GNSS / RTK / INS and other theories.
3. Proficient in Kalman filtering, initial alignment, combined navigation, calibration, dynamic error compensation and other algorithms.
4, proficient in Matlab simulation, proficient in C language or verilog development.
5, 1-3 years of relevant project engineering experience, published SCI or high quality papers are preferred.

Job Responsibilities

Auxiliary integrated navigation algorithm optimization and related engineering implementation.


Company welfare

1. The company implements a shareholding system for outstanding employees, so that the most responsible and talented person can enter the company's backbone.

2. Employees who have been employed for one year can enjoy the company's annual global travel activities organized by the company.

3. The company provides accommodation free of charge to fresh graduates.

4. The office provides unlimited fruit, snacks and drinks.

5. All employees of the company enjoy all kinds of paid holidays and purchase social security fund for all employees.

6. A perfect promotion talent system.

7. The company organizes various kinds of dinners from time to time, and travels within the province.

Resume upload request

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2, resume document naming standard: name + school + job position.

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