GNSS High-precision Positioning RFIC

Highly integrated 3-channel high-precision broadband GNSS RFIC, each channel integrates RF front-end, IF filter, AGC and AD converter.



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Ripley is a highly integrated 3-channel high precision broadband GNSS RFIC, each channel integrates RF front-end, IF filter, AGC and AD converter. Ripley can simultaneously receive BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO all-system multi-frequency signals. Its sampling rate can reach up to 120 MHz, with filter bandwidth configurable from 4 MHz to 40 MHz. The full-chip working current is 80 mA.

Highly Integrated 3-Channel Multi-Mode And Multi-Frequency GNSS RFIC



Highly integrated 3-channel multi-mode multi-frequency GNSS RFIC.

Each channel can be separately configured to receive satellite navigation signals from 1.1GHz to 1.7GHz, within which any frequency/bandwidth is configurable.

Integrated programmable low-pass filter, support 4M, 10M, 20M, 32M, 40MHz and other bandwidth configurations. Support analog IF output and digital IF output.

Integrate 4 bit-ADC to support 3 common code types: SIG/MAG code, binary complement code and unsigned code, and support four-wire SPI with a maximum configuration rate of 10 MHz.

The working temperature range is -55~125℃.

QFN56 7mm×7mm×0.75mm package.

Parameter Description Minimum Typical Maximum
VBAT DC Input Voltage 1.62 V 3.3 V 3.6 V
Icc Working Current \ 80 mA 100 mA
RFIN RF Input Frequency 1100 MHz \ 1700 MHz
S11 RF Input Frequency... \ -15 dB \
Gain Channel Cascade Maximum Gain 92 dB 95 dB 100 dB
AGC Range Gain Control Range \ 85 dB \
Flatness In-band Flatness @0.5BW \ 0.5 dB 1 dB
IMRR Image Reject Rate \ 30 dB \
Phase Noise
Phase noise @1KHz
Phase noise @10KHz
Phase noise @100KHz
Phase noise @1MHz
-86 dBc/Hz
-88 dBc/Hz
-99 dBc/Hz
-120 dBc/Hz
-84 dBc/Hz
-86 dBc/Hz
-90 dBc/Hz
-116 dBc/Hz


Optimizing Performance for Every Need


Suitable for multi-mode multi-frequency high precision receivers, etc.

  • Automatic Driving
    Automatic Driving
  • Driving Test
    Driving Test
    Driving Test
  • Surveying and Mapping
    Surveying and Mapping
    Surveying and Mapping
  • Digital Construction
    Digital Construction
    Digital Construction
  • UAV

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ISO 26262 ASIL B (Product), ISO 26262 ASIL D (Management) , ISO/SAE 21434, AEC-Q104, AEC-Q100, ASPICE, IATF 16949.


Smart Management Systems

To record key data throughout the entire product life cycle and make every process traceable and manageable.


Experimental Capability

IMU Calibration Center, GNSS Laboratory, Functional Test, Durability/Environmental Test, Optical/Vision Inspection.

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