Work and life are the daily routines of most of us. We should all look forward to a better and happier job, a healthier and more serious life.

We spend more time at work than others, but for too many people, work is not enriching, inspiring, or just a means to an end.

Bywork intellectuals is bynav Beiyun and others work together to share and promote data-driven human resources practices and research.

Work can be designed to actually make people happier, healthier and more productive.

This is possible when organizations put employees first, trust and treat them like owners, and use data to drive decisions about their employees. The field of people analysis has been growing rapidly, and we are still in the early stages of analytics and science that can help us achieve human resources.

This topic is a planning platform for bynav Beiyun and others' practices, research and ideas; no matter where you work, it is designed to help you use data and science to improve your work.

Browse by topic to drill down into specific topics such as recruiting or managing

Guide to exploring actionable tools and ideas

Check out the blog and listen to the opinions of business leaders and scholars

Read case studies to see how local organizations can do their jobs better

Bywork intellectuals certainly don't have all the answers, but by sharing, bynav Beiyun bywork editorial team hopes that other organizations can be inspired, too. Try some of the tools and ideas of bywork, let us know what work, what doesn't work, and what you do in the organization. Show others how you use data #bywork intellectuals.

Although workplaces vary from place to place around the world, everyone can contribute to improving the work. Let's get to work now!

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