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Adhering to the customer-centered, strive-oriented corporate culture, we have a R&D team with comprehensive technology, strong innovation capability and reasonable structure.


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About purchasing

Beiyun Technology Purchasing adheres to the principles of value procurement, sunshine procurement, and scientific procurement, and builds a healthy, reliable, and relatively competitive health industry chain.


Continuously guarantee the innovation and leading of Beiyun products. Beiyun encourages the mainstream partners of the industry chain to actively participate in the early development of Beiyun. Constructing a reasonable benefit sharing mechanism with suppliers is the key to ensuring supply and enhancing competitiveness. Reasonably distribute the profit of the industrial chain, ensure the reasonable profit of the supplier, maintain a healthy industrial environment, and create a win-win, sustainable development and competitive industrial chain with Beiyun and suppliers.


Suppliers with outstanding quality and sustainable performance will gain more opportunities to cooperate with Beiyun. We manufacture our products with high quality devices and deliver our products with high quality services. Through the entire industry chain to build high quality, Beiyun can better provide customers with high quality products and services.


Build a timely, agile and reliable procurement collaboration system to achieve multi-dimensional, multi-channel and multi-form deep coordination of industry chain information, and quickly integrate partners (such as customers and suppliers) into Beiyun business through deep collaboration. The entire process of ensuring business can be displayed in a safe, intuitive, multi-form and effectively monitored. The use of advanced technology and digital tools streamlines process, business efficiency, operational safety, ease of operation and low cost.


Beiyun advocates compliance operations, complies with laws and regulations, and is committed to creating a fair and transparent sunshine procurement environment. Beiyun Purchasing has established a sound internal control and supervision system and a supervision system to conduct all-round control of procurement business risks before, during and after the event; to ensure the safe implementation of the company's procurement business.



Building a fair and equitable procurement business environment

1. To prevent related transactions, the supplier shall, according to the requirements of Beiyun, actively report to Beiyun whether it is an associated supplier of Beiyun.


2. The supplier shall not subcontract the contracted project to its downstream supplier or directly subcontract/subcontract Beiyun order without the permission of Beiyun. If the supplier conducts the above acts or does not report the above behaviors, it will be punished by Beiyun, and will be punished according to the circumstances, including but not limited to rectification within a time limit, re-tendering, termination of cooperation, cancellation of supplier qualifications, etc.


3. Beiyun does not specify secondary suppliers. If Beiyun employees specify secondary suppliers in any form, including but not limited to drawings, technical specifications, written documents, telephone notices, verbal notices or E-mails, etc. the behavior of. Suppliers should promptly provide feedback to Beiyun procurement personnel.


4. No bribes or disguised bribes of Beiyun employees in any way, including but not limited to: (a) giving gifts, gifts, transportation and payment to Beiyun employees in any form, and “communication equipment, transportation, non-low Value cultural goods and other valuables, etc.; organize Beiyun employees to participate in the following activities, including but not limited to tourism, high-consumption entertainment, tourism scenic spots and other activities; arrange work for the relatives and friends of Beiyun employees, and provide convenience Pay for the various expenses that should be paid personally by the buyer's personnel; use the agent to bribe or disguise the Beiyun employees.


5. The supplier shall not provide materials that know not to comply with the material technical specifications to Beiyun without prior notice to Beiyun. Suppliers are not allowed to promote materials that do not meet the development trend of the industry or do not meet the development roadmap of the supplier, without prior notice to Beiyun. The documents, materials, data, statements and oral statements provided by the supplier to Beiyun shall be true and accurate.



Complaints and feedback

If you find the following problems in the Beiyun procurement business, including but not limited to bribery, bribery, kickbacks, commissions, relationships, fraud, fraud, corruption, exploitation of company resources and channels, and if you are involved in the North Cloud business In the process of unfairness and injustice, such as being squeezed out, misled, etc., please promptly feedback to the Purchasing Inspection Department through the following email or phone:



The Procurement Inspection Department is an independent third party department established by Beiyun, which is responsible for receiving and timely handling relevant reports and complaints from Beiyun suppliers.

Beiyun will keep all reporting information strictly confidential.

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