I don’t even look at the beauty, I don’t go to the wide alley, just for this feast.

by bynav

From August 15th to 17th, 2018, the 10th China International Road Traffic Safety Product Expo was held in Chengdu, the enthusiasm of the Bashu Information Hub.


Bynav was invited to participate in the Expo with the latest research and development results and the best representative products, and discussed the challenges and opportunities of high-precision navigation with experts and scholars on site.


▲Exhibition location No. 5 Hall A026


During the Expo, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security organized visits by personnel from various local traffic control departments. At the same time, it also invited domestic and foreign experts, scholars, relevant organizations and personnel to negotiate to promote international technical exchanges and cooperation in the field of road traffic, and all units in this session. Showcase the latest achievements at the fair and promote excellent products.


▲bynav exhibition staff exchanges discussions with experts at the conference


The technological advances in rail transit, such as rail transit, intelligent transportation, security equipment, and smart cars, show us an unparalleled feast of science and technology.


▲Exhibition of new technology achievements in the exhibition


Bynav focuses on the research of Beidou high-precision navigation for more than ten years and has a group of mature R&D teams. With the continuous development and growth of high-tech manufacturing, bynav will continue to raise the sails of Beidou navigation, ride the wind and waves!

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