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bynav2019 New Year Annual Video



Company Profile


Hunan Beiyun Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of GNSS high-precision positioning core components, and is committed to providing reliable high-precision positioning in demanding environments. With GNSS signal processing algorithm, RTK algorithm and multi-source fusion algorithm as the core, the company has formed a series of products such as GNSS chip, high-precision board, high-precision receiver and integrated navigation system, and it is used in automatic driving, driving test and measurement. The fields of surveying, aerospace and industrial control have been widely used.


The company's R&D team originated from the main construction of Beidou satellite navigation system. It won four first-class national scientific and technological progress awards, and won the “Huxiang Young Talents”, “Changsha 3635 Plan Senior Management and R&D Talents”, “Changsha City” 555 plans high-level entrepreneurial talents, "Xiangjiang New District, double-creative leading figures" and other titles. The team has deep technical accumulation and excellent innovation ability in the fields of high-precision satellite navigation and multi-source fusion positioning. It has applied for more than 30 national invention patents.


The company has obtained ISO quality management system, high-tech enterprise, Beidou navigation civil service qualification and other certifications, and has undertaken the national-level Beidou special "multi-source fusion high-precision positioning chip research and development and industrialization" project, and in 2018 with the driving test market leader The company has reached a cooperation and comprehensively adopted the company's high-precision board to replace similar foreign products, providing a credible centimeter-level positioning for the driving test system in various cities across the country.

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