Intelligent Manufacturing Industry 4.0, how can there be no high-precision positioning! [The 2nd China (Changsha) Intelligent Manufacturing Expo]

by bynav


The 2nd China (Changsha) Intelligent Manufacturing Summit and Changsha International Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Expo

Dressed up at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center!

"Do not forget the beginning of the heart and make the future"



Chinese and foreign smart "black technology" shine fair

The future has come



The outdoor exhibition area of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, under the blue sky, a Taiwanese or orange, or bright red, or aurora green engineering machinery and equipment, colorful and individuality, arms and exhibitions.


The total area of the Zhibo Fair is 84,000 square meters. It is divided into five areas, including intelligent equipment, intelligent technology and services, intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing projects and new model application demonstrations. More than 600 companies participated, including 53 international companies. A large domestic well-known enterprise.


Emerging cutting-edge technologies such as rail transit, construction machinery, new materials, new generation information technology, unmanned equipment, aerospace, offshore equipment, new energy vehicles, agricultural machinery, intelligent manufacturing workshops, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet. It’s fascinating to take turns.


▲ Changsha students visit a variety of "black technology"



The future has come, how can we not have high precision positioning?




▲ Demonstrate products to visiting customers


▲ Summit Forum


Unmanned, aerospace, drones, unmanned equipment, agricultural machinery, big data, smart cities, smart manufacturing, etc., are all inseparable from high-precision location services.


At present, bynav's self-developed high-precision series of positioning and orientation boards have been applied in deformation monitoring, driving test, smart agriculture, agricultural drones and other industries.


With the advancement of smart manufacturing into a new era, bynav continues to take the initiative to respond to challenges, seize development opportunities, actively explore new areas of innovation and new results, and provide a solid and accurate location service underlying foundation for "Made in China 2025".


Intelligent Manufacturing Industry 4.0

How can there be no high precision positioning by bynav!

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