Bynav Xiamen Free Tour

by bynav

Xiamen is a city that is visible, audible, and worthy of full experience.

What you can see is the scenery, and the scenery that you can’t see is also the scenery.

Behind the invisible scenery, it is the Xiamen that is heard, not the shackles of the horses and horses, not the vocals of the people, but the long-lost bird calls, the sound of the waves along the road around the island, the old people chatting on the old streets. In the time of the Minnan language, it is the ancient Nanyin Taiwanese opera on the stage, and it is the deep sound of the Gulangyu alley...


From February 20, 2016 to February 23, 2016, Xiamen is free to travel.


Stroll through Zhongshan Street, taste Xiamen cuisine, stay at Le Méridien






Gulangyu, Sunlight Rock, Haoyue Garden, Xinzhuang Garden, Piano Museum······

The island is slow to live, walking in the alleys, feeling the customs and taste the island.


One person, one story


One person, one sentiment


2016 new hope


2016 new journey


2016 we continue to cheer!

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