Bynav out of the "sea" squad - Phuket, Thailand travels

by bynav

Phuket, Thailand

Bynav out of the "sea" detachment


The first time I went abroad, I was scared to hide behind the camera.


On the afternoon of October 8, the ash was taken from Huanghua International Airport.

After 4 hours of flight, I finally arrived at this film.

Beautiful and lively, full of great Chinese atmosphere, can be seen everywhere

Exotic island


▲The scenery on the gray machine is still quite beautiful.


In fact, Xiaobian I refused to write at the beginning (the book was read less), but the leader spoke, clearly instructed to push the article, show the unyielding spirit of bynav friends, and promote the happy life of bynav. Corporate culture······Because of the pressure of leadership, I can only do my best to make a small series...·····

Being impulsively performed by a person who loves me



Day 1


▲ five-star hotel - taken after getting up


First arrived in Thailand

The machine was already at 9 o'clock in Thailand. A group of us can only go directly to the "five-star" hotel.

The first time I felt the exotic hotel in Thailand, it was quite good.

Some small partners have unspeakable things this night.


▲Roaming on the long tail boat "Little Guilin at Sea"


Phang Nga Bay

Get up at 7 o'clock in the morning, leaving 20 baht tip, after eating the Thai breakfast, I feel pretty good, then take a bus to Phang Nga Bay and go on a long tail boat to roam "Little Guilin at Sea".

On the way, the tour guide taught us a few Thai words, one of which is "sprinkling honey", meaning "husband", and the pronunciation is a little careless to become "stupid B".

So when a girl calls you "stupid B", she may call you "husband", please cherish her.


▲ cut throat island boating nature

Take a kayak for two, shuttle between the hustle and bustle of the island and the mangroves. The little brother of the rowing boat is so dark, and we have a tour of the route that I explored. The beautiful novelty...

The boating brother was very worried, we gave a tip of 150 baht.



▲Unknown stone mountain in the island

James 007 Island, I heard that because the "007" series of movies once framing on this island, it is famous.



▲The first meal and post-meal photo

When I came to the first meal of universal popularity, my friends shared the sauerkraut, Laoganma, and spicy chicken brought from Greater China.····················································

Looking at the exotic dishes at the table, they are locked in brows, and Xiaobian has a good appetite and eats well...

Who is not fat, who is fat?······



▲ Elephant Park riding an elephant

Elephant elephant rides, watching monkey performances. Don't look at the elephants to walk in order to be stable. When you ride on it, you feel like you have to shake it in minutes...·····





▲The beautiful view of the fairy peninsula



▲Quality single little brother with beautiful sea view, welcome Miss sister to take away



▲Meng Dad alone with cute baby travel 666

The Shenxian Peninsula is located at the southernmost tip of Phuket. It is known for its charming scenery, romantic atmosphere, and four-faced Buddha. It is called the Shenxian Peninsula.

Enjoy the most enchanting sunset in Phuket at dusk.

Facing the beautiful Indian Ocean, lush tropical vegetation, blue sea, the scenery is wonderful, enjoy the comfort, romance and romance.



▲ afternoon tea

A cup of colored afternoon tea, sitting next to the small shop, and many tourists from Greater China, enjoy the sea view.

I am so happy...


Unfortunately, I have broken my stomach and started a tormented return journey...



End of the first day of the journey

Return to the five-star hot spring hotel


Take a good heart

I want to go kidney




▲Smelly beauty partner - Xi Shi

The morning of the hot spring hotel is sunny and the weather is very good. The friends used up the breakfast, painted the sunscreen, and set off - play water today!



It was raining before going out to sea, and a group of people snapped up raincoats and mobile phone waterproof bags·····

Take the speedboat to the sea. When it is halfway through, the sky is clear. As the tour guide said, there is no forecast for the weather in Phuket······

▲Imperial Island - the first encounter with the island of Phuket

On the island of God, I first saw the island of Phuket······

The delicate sea sand, the burning sun, the clear turquoise water...·····

On the beach, a layer of shells was pushed by the waves, and some branches were floating in the water. It felt a bit dirty, hahaha·····

The tour guide suggested not to swim here, this is the first stop, the most beautiful is still behind, you can swim in the back.

The two little angels in the regiment are still enjoying the fun...·····



▲ Valentine Beach

Leaving Imperial Island to the beach of lovers...·····

The turquoise waters, the soft and delicate sea sand, the beauty of the skin of various colors, it is no wonder that the famous lovers beach...······

What a wonderful world······

There may also be girls from the Middle East, wrapped in black tulle, revealing a pair of bright eyes, admiring the beautiful beach and seascape······

At this moment, different colors, different races, different beliefs, and the same beach...·····



▲Paradise Bay - the first jump of sea water

Leaving the beach of lovers, we came to Paradise Cove - the waves outside the bay are like hell, and the bay is like a paradise.

It is rumored that when Zheng He went to the Western Sea, he avoided the waves and repaired the fleet here, and found the bird's nest by the way.·····

In Paradise Bay, I jumped into the sea from the speedboat.·················································································

After half an hour of swimming, we took a speed boat to the PP Islands······

There are several huge limestone caves on the small PP island in the PP Islands. There are many beautiful stalactites hanging in the cave. According to legend, these caves used to be the nests of the Andaman pirates, so they are called “pirate caves”. There are many sea swallows in the cave, which are rich in bird's nest, also known as "bird's nest hole". The bird's nest hole can only be "far-viewed" and cannot be disembarked.



▲ snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

Arriving at the pp Islands, a group of people who are eating lunch continue to compete for the sauerkraut, Laoganma, and spicy chickens brought from Greater China. I miss the food of Greater China.

After lunch, take a break and set off for the legendary “Mediterranean snorkeling” on the Great Barrier Reef.



Arriving at the Great Barrier Reef, the people on the boat exclaimed "Look, look, a lot of fish!" Look at the sea, full of fish!

Wearing a life jacket, wearing a frog mirror, jumping into the sea and dancing with the tropical fish, watching the fish in the water swim around, kissing your hips from time to time...·····

The beautiful fish of all colors and colors in the bottom of the water play in the corals, so I don’t want to...·····

But if you are nearsighted, the world you see will have a layer of beauty...·····



▲Little fish and big sister guide



▲Da Long Island - Blue Bay Hotel

After a pleasant day of play, everyone was tired and took a speed boat to the Blue Bay Hotel in Long Island.·····

On the returning boat, everyone tasted the local fruits of Thailand and it was really delicious!

▲Walk on Dachang Island Beach

The Blue Bay Hotel is located on the beach of Dachang Island. After dinner, about two or three small partners walk along the beach to make a phone call to people who are far away.

Looking up at the starry sky, the fatigue of the day is gone...·····

There is an open-air party field on the beach, there is a barbecue, there is karaoke (the karaoke karaoke machine is estimated to be some years old, card into lightning), and also interesting dance (beauty + aunt + fat shemale)! The eyes are so hot!

The small partner said that it is estimated that this hotel is opened by Chinese people or Chinese, and it is a favorite of the Chinese people.

Order a beer, come to two snacks, go back to sleep······



▲Blue Diamond Island - play sea water project

After breakfast, apply sunscreen products, take a speedboat to the "Blue Diamond Island" to play in the sea, have thrilling jet skis, speedboat towing umbrellas, and deep diving in the sea.

The friends choose their favorite items to play, or stay on the island and blow the sea breeze.



▲Beautiful people



▲ practicing the piano brother



▲ beautiful island style



▲Photographed before leaving the island



The end of the happy island trip is over

···Return to Phuket···


▲The beauty of the return trip is pleasant



▲ Grandpa and fresh meat



▲ End the trip to the island


After completing the two-day trip to the island, everyone was a little tired. Is it a good time to come to a Thai spa?

···Three thousand words···


······The spa is mostly dry, a few watery (do not understand Baidu)

······Doing the spa to get rid of the light······What can I do? Xiaobian I am also very helpless! Going to the countryside as a custom ······························


▲APHRODITE theater show

Come to Thailand, how can you not look at the shemale ladyboy?

After finishing the spa, I went to the APHRODITE Theatre, which is said to be the best show in Phuket.

We found a "hot pot" shop at the theater, and tasted the food of Dazhonghua······



The shemale show starts at 8 o'clock, and there is still an hour after dinner. I have a few friends to go around and hike up. I am a group of street shooters...·····



···The show of the show is finished...



Some shepherds are really beautiful, women are still women than women...some are hot eyes···

The shemale performs national songs and dances, English songs, Thai songs, Korean songs, Japanese songs······

When the Chinese song rang "Big Plum, which symbolizes our ambiguous Greater China," the audience gave a warm applause. It can be seen that there are so many people in the show.

When the show is performing, it is impossible to take pictures. Xiaobian, I risked being caught, and started the street shooting mode of the mobile phone······



After watching the show, the audience exited, and the shemale stood in a long row outside the stadium for the tourists to take a group photo...·····

Although the staff held a sign saying that the photo was 40 miles, but you know that the small series was pitted by 300...·······································································

The photo of the little friends and the shemale is too cumbersome, and it hurts the company’s image. If the leader does not approve it, it will not be sent here.




Returning to the hotel in the evening, I will return to China in one day. The small partners went out to buy Thai specialties, dried durian, dried mango, seaweed, plaster, cosmetics, herbal cream...·····

···The last day···



On the last day, watch Thai bird's nest, Thai jewelry, Hailong Temple, snake charm, Thai latex products, Thai silk, visit Wangquan duty-free shop······

··· Missing the food of Greater China···


The trip in Thailand is basically over, returning to the hotel, and returning to China the next morning.


▲After the Chaoyang, we will depart for Krabi International Airport.



▲ Goodbye, Phuket. Goodbye, Thailand.


Greater China, we are back!

Boss, come first two stinky tofu!

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