Bynav participated in the "8th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference" successfully concluded

by bynav


From May 23 to 25, 2017, the 8th China Satellite Navigation Academic Annual Conference with the theme of “Positioning, Internet of Everything” was successfully held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This year's annual meeting fully demonstrated the construction achievements of the Beidou satellite navigation system and satellite navigation systems such as GPS and GLONASS, as well as the latest development trend of the satellite navigation industry. More than 3,000 people, including the heads of the competent departments of satellite navigation systems at home and abroad, academicians and experts in the field of satellite navigation, and representatives of satellite navigation application companies, attended the annual meeting.



Bynav positioning "high precision in urban canyons"


With the improvement of Beidou system construction and the diversification of Beidou application, Beidou system has provided strong technical support for the development of all things, and has continuously made new progress in application and accelerated the development of new fields of application.


As a pioneer in the satellite navigation industry in Hunan Province, bynav brought the latest research and development results to this annual meeting. Under the background of the ever-changing space-time information service pattern, bynav gave its own thinking, action and technological innovation, relying on its own research and development accumulation for more than ten years, with unique and innovative exhibition areas, leading technologies and products, bynav in many exhibitors Unique in the middle.



At the exhibition, bynav focused on the minimization of high-precision positioning and orientation boards with the theme of “High Accuracy of Urban Canyons” – “Changing in Urban Canyons”, the whole system full-frequency recording and recording source – “Gathering Global Scenes” Series products. Focusing on domestic and foreign customers, friends and the public, it demonstrates bynav's independent research and development capabilities and technological innovations, expressing bynav's vision of the future society and the “Internet of Everything”, highlighting bynav's high-precision location services in demanding environments. Perseverance in pursuit.


Bynav's BY362 Samsung six-frequency positioning orientation board, BY381 Samsung eight-frequency RTK/shadow timing board, BY382 Samsung eight-frequency high-precision positioning orientation board and BY520 full-system full-frequency point signal acquisition and playback equipment, as this exhibition Star products attract many merchants, friends, and expert audiences to visit and exchange.


During the exhibition, visiting experts and customers were in constant stream, and many foreign friends were there.



The visitors experienced the innovative products we exhibited in detail and showed great interest in the products after in-depth communication with the technical leaders. Many merchants took the initiative to issue invitations on the spot and hoped to cooperate with us.



At present, China's Beidou system has 15 Beidou satellites in stable operation in the orbit, completing the service coverage of the Asia-Pacific region. Five new Beidou satellites have completed on-orbit debugging and will soon be connected to the network. This means that starting from the second half of this year, China's Beidou satellite will officially start global networking, opening the curtain of the Beidou system for global services. It is expected that by 2020, global service capabilities will eventually be formed.


With the opening of the Beidou system global network, bynav will also follow the national top-level strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, give full play to its own R&D technology innovation advantages, gather strength, go abroad to expand overseas markets, and strive to achieve leap-forward development for China’s Beidou industry. Make a contribution by bynav!

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