bynav debuted at the 2018 Deqing Surveying and Mapping Exhibition H29, helping the rapid development of the industry

by bynav

On September 26, 2018, the 8th China Geotechnical Information Technology and Equipment Expo (GEO EXPO) was opened in Deqing, Zhejiang. Bynav brought the latest product BY682 full-system multi-frequency point high-precision positioning orientation board to the debut.



The "United Nations Geographic Information Exhibition Hall" held in this exhibition is located in Deqing, Zhejiang, a famous "Geographic Information Town". Deqing County is located in the beautiful Jiangnan water town of Zhejiang, Nanxun and Hangzhou in the north of Huzhou. It is located in one of the four major summer resorts, the "Mogan Mountains". With convenient transportation and natural geographical advantages, this town with a population of 400,000 people has become The famous "Geographic Information Town".



Based on the high-precision satellite navigation location service field, bynav is committed to providing high-precision positioning chips, boards, services and solutions with independent intellectual property rights with high-precision positioning algorithms and high-precision satellite navigation positioning and orientation boards. In the fields of measurement mapping, electronic driving test, precision agriculture, digital construction and driverless driving, Beiyun Technology's high-precision board has achieved large-scale application, and has been highly recognized by customers and highly praised by the industry.



In order to achieve high-precision positioning in harsh environments, to achieve the true meaning of "urban canyon high precision", bynav latest product BY682 full system multi-frequency point positioning oriented board came into being.


BY682 full system multi-frequency high-precision positioning orientation board


The exhibition will last for three days (September 26th to 28th), and on September 27th, the annual meeting of the China Society of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information will be held. The latest industry trends and the most advanced cutting-edge technology are at the 8th Dean of Geographical Information Technology and Equipment Expo in Deqing. Welcome to the bynav booth H29 exchange guidance!


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