Duolun Technology signed a contract with bynav to completely replace foreign high-precision boards in the driving test industry!

by bynav

On November 23, 2018, the Aerospace and Beidou Industry Development Summit was held in Changsha Zhongdian Software Park. Academician Tan Shusen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Xiangtan University, Zhou Yichun, founder of Chinese system simulation, professor of National University of Defense Technology, Huang Kezhen, Military Commission Hu Xiaoping, deputy head of the Inertial Professional Group of the Science and Technology Commission, professor of the National University of Defense Technology, Zhao Wenjun, chief designer of the Beidou 3 application verification system, Ni Donghai, deputy inspector of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Fu Jubo, deputy researcher of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, deputy committee of the Changsha Municipal People's Congress Director Zhang Zhiyong, Party Committee Member of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Chief Economist Xiong Jingye, Director of the Scientific Research Department of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau He Jing, Researcher of the Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee Mo Yiping, Director of the Institute of Communication and Navigation of the Air Force Research Institute Gao Zhigang, China Great Wall Technology Group Dai Xiangtao, senior vice president of the company and chairman of Changsha Zhongdian Software Park Co., Ltd., witnessed the signing ceremony of “Strategic Investment and Beidou High-precision Positioning Project” jointly organized by Duolun Technology Co., Ltd. and bynav.


Signing Ceremony

Song Zhi, deputy general manager of Duolun Technology, and general manager of bynav

Signing a cooperation agreement



Duolun Technology

Duolun Technology Co., Ltd. is an A-share listed company. As a leader in the intelligent driving test industry, Duolun Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the intelligent training and examination system for Chinese motorists and the application and industrialization of intelligent transportation products to realize the field of intelligent transportation. Diversified development, the business has covered more than 400 cities in 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).




Based on Beidou's high-precision satellite positioning chip technology, bynav implements the "All in car" company strategy, focusing on high-precision positioning applications in the automotive field, and is committed to providing users with high-precision positioning solutions that are reliable in complex environments. After many years of technical research, bynav has accumulated a large number of R&D and engineering practice experience in satellite navigation baseband signal processing, RTK information processing, etc., mastered a number of core technologies, and obtained 31 national invention patents, which is one of the few masters in the world. One of the companies with precision satellite navigation core technology.



Strategic Cooperation


At the signing ceremony, the two parties reached the Beidou high-precision board procurement framework agreement, which will use Beiyun Technology's high-precision board to completely replace foreign similar products, and strategically invest 30 million yuan to invest in Beiyun Technology, which will jointly promote Beidou in the future. High-precision positioning is used in industrial applications such as driving test driving, intelligent network connecting cars and driverless driving. This strategic cooperation is a milestone application of the domestically controllable Beidou high-precision board in the automotive field.

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